It still gives me goose bumps remembering the normality of that day. It was like any other day I had lived before. Who would have imagined what awaited me? My life would never be the same...

That's how Fritz Thompson describes that fateful April day, in which in an instant of synchronicity between time and space, a Pickup Van fell over his head leaving him quadriplegic for the rest of his life ... or at least that's what the experts said.

Miracle, destiny, will power or medical expertise?, the answer to these question and more are addressed by the author of this moving story of hope and self-improvement in "I cannot do what?"; a motivational lecture where Fritz Thompson testifies his accident and surprising recovery, injecting vitality to the audience and inviting us to never give up, finding the blessings in the "Van Crashes" that destiny has for us.

That’s how a "Van Crash" becomes an analogy to any adversity of life: a divorce, an accident, the loss of a professional project... that with effort and faith turns an instant ruin into a life reconstruction.

Riddled with practical advices for human development, but especially with anecdotes that go from shocking to touching, Fritz invites us to make substantial changes in the way we see life in areas such as:

-       The meaning of life and pain.

-       How to overcome adversity.

-       The reconstruction of self-steem.

-       The power of forgiveness.

-       Perseverance, will and the attitude through challenges.

-       Enjoy what we take for granted and celebrate our small successes…

And much more learning that witty interlocks his accident with the great virtues of humanity and the basic values ​​in life.

"I cannot do what?" is a touching experience ideal for executive teams, students and those in the search of motivation, positive changes and the formation of proactive attitudes through life's adversities.

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