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Fritz Thompson is a motivational speaker on topics of overcoming adversity, resilience and self-help. His surprising and touching life story has been passed for more than ten years through the conference "I cannot do what?", making wake up calls to listeners on the need of overcoming any challenge of life.

He´s a Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Texas and has a Master in Business Administration from UDLA and a Senior Management degree from the IPADE Business School; but his most valuable learning was made by destiny on a tragic April 24, 2001…

A terrible car accident produced a spinal cord injury on Fritz´s neck, leaving him paralyzed with the threath of lying on bed and sitting wheelchair for the rest of his life. The prognosis was an irreversible qudriplegia.  Today, Fritz is a triathlete. He competes in this discipline without wheelchair, in the same conditions as every other athlete. Persistente, fierce will, and unstoppable growth spirit, Fritz converted this experience of years of therapy, and rehabilitation into learnings, that became today an invaluable teaching of life, which today serves as inspiration to thousands of people who listen to his lectures and follow him in his social media.

He appears periodically in newspapers, radio and television, sharing microphones with Carmen Aristegui, OV7, Susana Zabaleta, Martha Debayle, Ricardo Rocha, Sergio Sarmiento, Alejandro Cacho and Julieta Lujambio among others; and is the author of the Best Sellers: "Prefiero Empujar mi Vida” and “Sucedió en un Instante” and “I cannot do what?" 

Passionate about life, he’s convinced that any loss can be recovered, and that every dream can be achieved. As he always says: "If you do your part, the stars align, the sky opens and the unthinkable happens."

NOTE: Fritz Thompson is a native Spanish speaker.


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